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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Caci Natalie p2

Caci whimpered and closed her eyes briefly, trying to block out the frustration and sexual tension building within her.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, but her voice was hoarse. "It's the-" it's your words, she wanted to say, but she was too embarrassed. I can't help it, she wanted to whine, but that was the cheap way out. She could help it. She was an adult and could make the adult choice an exercise her willpower. "Where were we?" she asked instead.

"I don't-" Natalie still looked tense, predatory. "I'll be right back."

"Wait!" Caci reached out to touch her and then recoiled. Physical touch probably wouldn't help the situation. "I'm sorry. Please don't go."

Natalie managed a smile, "I'm not leaving. I just need a minute. I need to walk, need to breathe."

Caci nodded, she could understand that feeling. Natalie overwhelmed her, consumed all logic and reason until all Caci's thoughts were clouded with the woman. Natalie got up and walked toward the back of the restaurant, and Caci slumped back in her chair. She was messing everything up, again.

If only I could just be normal, Caci thought, if only my imagination wasn't quite so active. She sipped at her water and tried to think of calming places, of landscapes and crystal pools, anything other than the gorgeous woman with the tilted eyes who smiled so alluringly.

"You okay?" Natalie asked. Caci felt like crying, but sat up and tried to smile.

"Fine. How was your moment?"

"I think I'm feeling better than you," Natalie eyed her speculatively. "Should I ask for the check?"

Caci closed her eyes. The evening had been a total disaster. She was going to lose her online friend and companion, the woman with the words, and on top of it all, also lose her chance with a total knock out that took her breath away.

"I'm sorry," Caci whispered, eyes downcast.

"Please don't apologize, Caci," Natalie reassured her. Caci heard the waiter approach the table but couldn't look at him. Natalie must have signaled him.

"I'd like to pay, thank you. Just take my card and bring me the reciept." Caci's head shot up.

"Oh no! You can't! Please, this is all my fault, I can't let you pay," she pleaded.

"Hush, Caci," Natalie chided her.

"And the tiramisu?" the waiter asked.

"Can I get it boxed? If not, we'll skip."

"Of course, not a problem," the waiter responded, ever helpful, and skipped away with Natalie's credit card.

"Natalie, this is beyond unfair for you. Honestly, you can't pay for dinner, and especially not for dessert. It's more than generous."

"Put on your coat, Caci," Natalie's voice was firm but gentle, softly sweet. Caci swallowed her protests and stood up to slip her overcoat on. Natalie stood and shrugged on her coat as well as the waiter hurried over with a bill and a bag containing the tiramisu.

Natalie quickly checked over the receipt and signed, snagging her card from the fold.

"Have a nice evening," the waiter smiled at them, and they both murmured their goodbyes with polite smiles.

The air outside was chilly as Natalie held open the door and Caci stepped into the dark. The sound of the city rose up to meet them, and Caci thought miserably about the blocks she'd have to walk home. Maybe she'd take a taxi to spare being alone with her thoughts.

"This is yours, Caci," Natalie's voice was soft as she passed the dessert bag to Caci. Their fingers brushed and Caci tried not to shudder or whimper at the contact. Her stomach clenched and she swallowed tightly.

"May I walk with you a minute?" Natalie asked.

Caci looked up, confused, but nodded anyway. They began walking slowly in the direction of Caci's apartment, away from the brightly lit restaurant windows.

"I find myself very attracted to you, Caci," Natalie confessed, quietly, and Caci stopped walking. She closed her eyes, certain she was hearing things. Her breathing quickened, her heart raced. Words, beautiful words, echoing through her head. I'm very attracted to you.

"Physically," that velvet voice was in her ear and Caci wasn't sure if she was dreaming, "and mentally," came the husky groan and a hand landed on her hip. Caci's breathing hitched and she opened her eyes. Her heart pounded in her ears and she felt dizzy with want.

"I'm going to kiss you," Caci warned, and Natalie's grin was mischievous.

"You better," Natalie breathed, and Caci reached for her, but Natalie met her halfway. Caci whimpered, pushed closer. Natalie's mouth, the source of all those beautiful, delicious words, was slick and warm and gorgeous. Caci held her dessert bag awkwardly in one hand, but used the other to twine her way up Natalie's body and clutch at the lapel of her pea coat.

Natalie's groan was soft and rich as she fisted Caci's coat in her hands and drew her closer. Caci shuddered at the sound and closed her eyes, dreaming, floating, not sure of anyone or anything as she got lost in the caress. She nipped at Natalie's lip, tugged it between her teeth, and Natalie groaned again. The sound was heaven, and Caci whimpered in response.

Natalie pulled away and looked at Caci questioningly, but as their harsh breathing slowed, Caci and Natalie both began to realize their surroundings. "Come," Natalie took Caci by the hand and led them down the block until she pulled Caci into the mouth of an alley.

"You moan when I do," Natalie commented pressing Caci into the brickwork. Caci flushed, embarrassed. She shook her head and looked down at the concrete, but Natalie reached out to lift her chin. "It's nothing to be ashamed of," Natalie was gentle, her eyes searching.

"It's the sound," Caci finally admitted in a murmur, "and your words." Natalie leaned forward to brush Caci's cheek against her own, and the small friction made them both breathe a little harder.

"Words," Natalie tried to piece it together. She took the big buttons of Caci's coat in her hands and slipped one out of place. "So, if I were to say that I want to fuck you," she tested, and Caci's eyes widened. It was a nice word, Natalie's pronunciation crisp, her plosives tight, but it didn't make Caci's breathing hitch. An image came forth, as they always did, of Natalie hovering over her - hot, determined, wanting. She felt a heat pool low in her belly.

Natalie wasn't so easily deterred. "What if I want to finger you," she lingered on the word. Caci's eyes closed and she whimpered, her breathing erratic. They were in a car, and Natalie took her hand off the gearshift and slid it up the length of Caci's thigh. She pushed Caci's skirt out of the way and did a double take when she saw Caci wasn't wearing any panties. "Eyes on the road," Caci smiled, and Natalie slapped her thigh sharply. 

Natalie grinned in satisfaction and opened another button. "Suck," she whispered into Caci's ear, and Caci's stomach clenched. She dropped the dessert bag and reached out for Natalie's shoulder to steady herself. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in a world of images, raunchy possibilities, and scenes brought on by Natalie's voice, Natalie's words.

Natalie pulled Caci's coat apart and stepped in, pressing against her. She lifted Caci's dress fractionally and slid her hand along Caci's inner thigh. Caci let out a shaky breath and let her head fall into the crook of Natalie's neck.

"Bite," Natalie's mouth was right at Caci's ear, her mouth brushing the sensitive skin. Caci was shaking and moaning in Natalie's arms, so close to orgasm without having been touched. Natalie pulled the fabric of her underwear aside and brushed the rough pad of her finger along Caci's slick skin.

"Oh," Caci breathed harshly across Natalie's skin. She was hovering on the brink, the hot ache throbbing thickly through her, stoked so quickly and urgently through Natalie's velvet voice. "Please," she murmured, but she didn't know what she was asking for. Words? Touch?

Natalie slipped one finger inside easily, and Caci shook and clung to Natalie's shoulders. "Please," she cried. "Please, Natalie!" Natalie spread the fluid to her thumb and circled Caci's clit.

"Lick," Natalie groaned into Caci's ear and twisted her fingers in time with her thumb. Caci gasped, quit breathing altogether, shuddering violently, clutching tightly onto and curling into Natalie's embrace. Natalie smiled, her own breathing harsh, and after a quiet moment she pulled her hand away to rest on Caci's thigh.

"God, Caci, the way you react -" she breathed, smoothing Caci's hair with her other hand as Caci tried to get her heartbeat under control.

"Don't get your hopes up," she pulled back to lock eyes with Natalie in the dim glow of the streetlights. "It's just the words. The physical stuff -" Caci shrugged.

"I don't think so, baby," Natalie smiled down at her gently. "Your body is one hell of a violin, but nobody's learned how to make you sing yet." Caci blushed and tried to find her balance, brushed her hair back behind her ears. "I don't want to rush you," Natalie started, hesitated, "but come back to my place, please. I don't want you to think I'm taking advantage of you, except that maybe I am, but I've never met anyone like you and I want you in my bed."

Caci flushed a bright pink and raised one eyebrow. "Was that supposed to be moving? What's in it for me?"

"Orgasms - tons of them. Long conversations and plenty of words. Whatever breakfast you want, I'll make it for you and you can eat it in bed. In fact, if you never want to leave my bed again I guarantee I'll be fine with it."

Caci laughed despite herself. "I still want that tiramisu," she noted, picking up the discarded bag and lacing her fingers through Natalie's.

"I'll feed it to you. In bed," Natalie promised, and they both laughed into the night air.

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