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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mona's Morning

Something nice, lovely, and happy for Christmas morning. Remember Mona and Kelsey?

Mona woke up with a pounding headache and a hot arm thrown over her. She rolled over questioningly and saw a face she remembered from the night before. Pool table girl, she tried to put a name to the face. She flushed as she remembered the girl leaning over the pool table, cue steady and sure in her hands as she looked up to meet Mona’s gaze.

She’d caught Mona’s attention immediately, and after a couple more shots, Mona separated from her group of friends and shimmied over to the group of guys at the pool table. The tall blonde grinned and positioned himself in front of her, but she slunk past him, squeezing into the small space until she and the girl with the cue were toe to toe.

“Is at all that eye contact ever going to come to flirtation?” Mona asked brazenly, and the girl smirked, tucked Mona’s hair back.

“I think it just did,” she teased. “Name’s Kelsey.”  

Oh, thank God, Mona thought, finally remembering her name. She let out a sigh of relief and felt Kelsey's fingers moving along her skin with the motion.

The night before had been exquisite, awkward, giggly, intense, hot. Mona was torn between wanting to do it again and hopping in the shower to avoid the morning after scene. She hated being the clingy girl after a one night stand. First thing first, she decided, and that meant ibuprofen and a glass of water.

She pulled back the sheets and tried to slither out of bed as quietly as possible, but the hand around her clenched tight onto her hip. “You’re not running away, are you?” Mona turned toward Kelsey, who was raspy-voiced and probably a little hung over as well. “Because I haven’t had any breakfast,” Kelsey smirked, and Mona couldn’t help but laugh as her skin heated.

“I love breakfast,” she croaked out, and slid back under the covers. The ibuprofen and water could wait.

Mona finally emerged from the bed some time later, stretching and feeling much better than before. She threw on a long sweater and gestured around the room to her clothes. “Borrow whatever you want if you want to lounge and stay for breakfast,” she flushed, “real breakfast. Or, you know, if you want to shower and go, that’s fine too.”

Kelsey laughed heartily. “I’ve got a little time. Will you cook for me?” she joked, her eyes light with humor. Mona loved seeing it, and it was hard not to crawl back on the bed and kiss Kelsey thoroughly.

“If you’re lucky,” she raised an eyebrow. “Anything should fit,” she told the more slender girl, throwing a sweatshirt on the bed before turning toward the kitchen.

The apartment was chilly and it nipped at her toes, but Mona refused to put on socks. A girl in a sweater is hot, a girl in a sweater and socks is just lame, she thought to herself. She looked in the fridge and discovered she had all the fixings for pancakes, always good in case Kelsey was vegetarian or vegan. She could be on a gluten free diet, Mona frowned, and then decided to cross that bridge if she came to it. God, lesbians were hard to cook for!

She was pouring the first dollop of batter into the hot pan when Kelsey ambled out into the kitchen, face freshly washed, in an old sweatshirt and a pair of Mona’s colorful socks. It looks hot on Kelsey, Mona licked her lips with lust and just a hint of jealousy. Maybe she should go grab some socks.

Kelsey boosted herself up onto the counter. “Are you making pancakes? I’m starving and I love pancakes.”

Mona laughed and pinched Kelsey’s ankle. “Yes, I’m making pancakes. I’ve got orange juice, milk, water, and booze.”

“Hmm,” Kelsey pursed her lips in thought and Mona laughed again, flipping the pancake. “Alright, I guess it’s a little early. Where are your glasses?”

“Cupboard behind your head,” Mona pointed out helpfully and spooned another dollop of batter into the pan.

“Would you like me to get you a glass of something?” Kelsey inquired, two glasses already in her hands. She opened the fridge and grabbed the orange juice.

“Orange juice for me as well, thank you.”

“You’re cooking,” Kelsey set the glasses down and squeezed Mona’s hip. “Least I could do.”

“I want another round, but I need food first,” Mona admitted, patting her tummy.

“Definitely food. And I have the day off,” Kelsey nipped Mona’s ear, “so we’ll see about another round.”

Kelsey grabbed the glasses of orange juice and walked them to the small nook housing Mona’s dining table as Mona steadied herself against the counter.

“Pancakes,” she muttered to herself unconvincingly, “I wanted pancakes.”

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